What to do and see in the area

Mining History Centre in Lewarde

The largest coal mining museum in France, telling you the story of three centuries of coal industry

Matisse Museum

The Matisse Museum in Cateau-Cambrésis, was initiated by the painter himself in 1952. It holds today one of the largest collection of the artist’s works.

The Rare Book Jesuit Library in Valenciennes

Go to Valenciennes downtown and visit one of the most astounding libraries from the 18th century. The place is also famous for the oldest textin French language, Cantilène de Sainte Eulalie, which is certainly worth a detour.

Fine Art Museum of Valenciennes

The Fine Arts Museum of Valenciennes is one of the largest in the north of France.

Its prestigious collections range from archeological holdings to 20th century art. Works by famous artists like Watteau, Carpeaux along with Flemish old masters make it a must-go visit.

MusVerre, Glass Museum in Sars-Poteries

Set in the Avesnois, the countryside to the East of Valenciennes, this museum is devoted to glass and world-famous artists exhibit their works there. A memorable experience in its own league.

Museum of the Charterhouse in Douai

Extraordinary historical buildings, and over 10 000 works, all in one impressive location. What more could one wish for ?

Fine Art Museum in Cambrai

A museum to be visited for its archeological collection, fine art works and local heritage item. One of the highlights is its collection of abstract geometrical paintings.

Ancient Forum in Bavay

The Archeological museum of Bavay is devoted to Ancient sites and artefacts, mainly Roman. 

Regional Natural Scarpe-Escaut

As the first natural Park set up in France, it is also one of four in the region Hauts-de-France, north of Paris. Major heritage sites related to the industrial past and coal mining are highlights not to be missed, as well as the beauty of the natural environment.